Reclaimed Rings – made from guitar, violin, viola, and cello strings



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These rings are made from musical instruments strings that reached the end of their playable life – after a while, strings wear out and don’t sound as good. Rather than throw them away, I turn them into jewelry.

Since the strings themselves vary widely in color, thickness, and material, there may be variations in those areas; this is a bit of a grab bag. If you’re looking for a specific color combination, thickness, etc., please select it and I’ll do my best to accomodate. Your options are:

Thickness: thin, medium, thick
Ring color: white, silver, black, gold (gold only available in smaller sizes)
Winding color: copper tone, silver tone, yellow gold tone

All ring sizes are accurate, but if in doubt please order a size up. I can make rings larger than US 15 upon request.

I cannot guarantee that any of my rings are hypoallergenic as almost all instrument strings contain nickel and/or trace amounts of copper.

Because the strings themselves are a combination of various metals, they will patina and age over time. This is normal.

Any questions, feel free to ask!

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